Bob Iger Touts Strong First Year at Shanghai Disney Resort

At a glitzy anniversary event held within the Chinese park Friday, the Disney CEO revealed that year-one attendance figures far execeeded forecasts.

All is well within China’s Magic Kingdom.

With fireworks bursting overhead and music from Pinocchio filling the air, Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger took the stage in China on Friday to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the $5.5 billion Shanghai Disney Resort.

“[This] first anniversary is cause for great celebration for everyone involved in bringing this spectacular dream to life,” Iger said, standing in front of the Shanghai park’s 196.8-foot Enchanted Storybook Castle — the tallest castle Disney has built to date. 

A smooth rollout in China was far from certain for Disney just over a year ago, but on Friday, the House of Mouse…

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